Fantasywire DIY Starter Kit

Fairy Kit

The Fantasywire DIY Starter kit contains everything you need to have a go at making your very own 8 inch (200mm) wire
fairy sculpture. If you’re not very crafty yourself, a starter kit would make an ideal gift for anyone who likes making things.

The Fairy Kit contain a preformed skeleton so you don’t have to work anything out. You simply bend the skeleton into the
desired pose and apply the wire.
The kit contains 3 types of wire. Thick for building out the figure, thin for adding skin and detail and finally some thin
springy wire for making wings. There is more than enough wire, so you don’t have to worry about running out. The resulting
fairy figures stand about 8 inches (200mm) high.

Fairy Kit Contents

1 off 8inch (200mm) Wire Fairy Skeleton (pre-formed)
1 off Pair of long nosed pliers
15 off coils of 0.9mm soft wire
80 off coils of 0.5mm soft wire
4 off coils of 0.8mm springy wire
1 off Instruction booklet

Safety Warning

I must point out that I do not recommend giving the kit to children. It is not a toy and sharp wire in the hands of children is
not a safe combination.

1 x FantasyWire DiY Kit = £42 (including Postage & VAT for EU orders)
1 x FantasyWire DIY Kit = £47 / USD $68 approx (including postage & packaging) – USA & Rest of world

Fairy Wish

Fairy Garden Kit

A Fantasywire Fairy Wish is a single 6 inch stainless dandelion seed.
You may have seen the large dandelion sculptures that the Fantasywire fairies hold / hang on to in the wind. A fairy wish is
a single 6 inch (150mm) stainless seed from one of those dandelions. It’s not a kit, you do not have to assemble or make
anything, it’s simply a small pieces of one of the larger sculptures.

The seeds are called fairy wishes because people blow dandelions to make a wish as the seeds flow off in the wind.
The seed are delivered in individual tubes to protect them, along with a stand and a leaflet explaining the story. If you can’t
afford a larger Fantasywire sculpture the wishes make an ideal small affordable piece of our work, or as a gift to pass on
your good wishes to others.

1 x Wish = £9 (including VAT only, EU orders) Postage is £3.30 for a single wish but generally people will buy a wish
alongside a kit, i.e you can add up to 4 wishes to 1 kit for the same postage as quoted above with the kit prices.

1x Wish = £7.50/ USD $11 approx (USA and Rest of world) Postage for a single wish to the US/ROW is £5/ USD $7.30

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